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Government Relations

These are links to regulations involving CT operators in Colorado. Please note, that while they are similar, they are two different bills.

· 6 CCR 1007-1, Part 02  - extends the current CT Operator program from July 2015 to July 2017.


· 6 CCR 1007-1, Part 12 – clarifies the training for CT Operators.

This information is provided as a way of apprising you of information the CSRT Government Relations Department receives as we monitor legislation and regulation.

Conference Information

The 2017 NRTW Conference was held on November 11th, 2017 at Good Samaritan  Medical Center.  Thanks for all those who attended!

The 2018 CSRT Annual Conference will be held on April 20th—21st, 2018, at the Estes Park Conference Center at the Ridgeline Hotel (formerly Rocky Mountain Inn) in Estes Park, CO.  Conference details and registration will be updated in the near future.

Dear Radiologic Technology Students,

The Colorado Society of Radiologic Technologists (CSRT) would like to encourage you to apply for selection to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP). The CSRT will be selecting two (2) students for entry into the SLDP and two alternates. Selected participants will attend the 2018 ASRT Educational Symposium, Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting in Las Vegas, June 21-24, 2018 as well as a meet and greet the evening of June 20. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience our profession on a state and national level and to network with students and technologists from across the country.

Students applying for the SLDP are asked to complete and submit all items according to the ASRT online application process by December 19, 2017. https://www.asrt.org/events-and-conferences/student-leadership-development-program. The participants will be selected by the CSRT.

If you are selected for the SLDP, you will be expected to attend all meetings of the CSRT and participate in the business of the CSRT. This will help to prepare you for the activities and processes of the ASRT House of Delegates meeting.

If there are any questions or concerns about this process or deadline please contact Yvette Fontana @ jyddfontana@comcast.net.


The CSRT Board of Directors

Student Leadership Development Program